Heart Break Club #1

Heart Break Club #1Heart Break Club #1 by Nikki Asada

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nima Momosato is jinxed. Whenever she has a crush on someone, they end up finding love elsewhere right in front of her eyes. She ends up joining a slightly weird club that observes and studies other people’s love lives and relationships. Really, that’s what they do! Enjoy this new type of romance comedy in which love never works out!

Digital ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Heart Break Club was a short and sweet read! I was drawn in by the promise of the sorts of shoujo manga I used to read. The premise, a girl who is ‘cursed’ so that when she dates a boy (or attempts to) he’ll end up finding his true love immediately after, is one I feel like I’ve seen done before…. but I am a sucker for it anyway. It always adds a genuine tension to the will they/won’t they that a lot of romance centred manga tends to have without reason. It actually makes sense for the main character to hold back from confessing to her crush when she believes he’ll find someone else immediately after.

The art style was gorgeous!! I’m actually pretty picky when it comes to graphic novels. I’m ashamed to say that I absolutely will judge a book by its cover here, and I have stopped reading manga, in particular, because of art styles that didn’t work for me (sorry Ouran High School Host Club;;;). This one hit the right balance of pretty and simple (I mean that in the best of ways!!) with really dynamic expressions in a very manga style. I would absolutely read more of this artist’s work just for their pretty characters. (Seriously, everyone is so pretty I love it)

Plot wise it had some pretty standard tropes (pretty feminine boy, school carnival, confessions…) but I low key picked it up exactly for a dose of that… It balanced angst and comedy well, which is always a plus with a premise like this. I want to feel the weight of it, but I don’t want the MC crying every third page…. It just struck a really nice balance all round.

Honestly, it’s such a short and sweet manga I feel like it’s one I’d recommend you just read if intrigued. Definitely a good read when you’re craving something cute!

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