Book Love

Book LoveBook Love by Debbie Tung
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bookworms rejoice! These charming comics capture exactly what it feels like to be head-over-heels for hardcovers. And paperbacks! And ebooks! And bookstores! And libraries!

Book Love is a gift book of comics tailor-made for tea-sipping, spine-sniffing, book-hoarding bibliophiles. Debbie Tung’s comics are humorous and instantly recognizable—making readers laugh while precisely conveying the thoughts and habits of book nerds. Book Love is the ideal gift to let a book lover know they’re understood and appreciated.

Digital ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

What a lovely little book!!

It’s always hard to review books like this… in part, just because I am very biased based on the fact that I relate to SO MANY of these comics. But also because it’s hard to review comic strips on anything more than whether I liked them or not, and the quality of their art. This book was strong on both fronts. Obviously I liked the comics — they were all book related, how can you not like them! I also like the art style, it had a simple sketch/watercolour style that I’m really fond of. It suited the content well. I definitely second a comment I’ve seen in other reviews about wanting full sized versions of some of the strips to hang on my walls…. The art was just so appealing in its simplicity.

My favourite comics in the book had to be those about her love of the library. It’s not a surprise to anyone who knows me that I related most to the pictures of her with arms full of books leaving the library, or abandoning other plans to hide in a library she considers a second home…

I think the only criticism I can think of is that I wished for more of a personal aspect? A lot of it was just relatable book things and…. I did absolutely relate, but I’d love more of her personal stories interspersed in the book. How she got into reading, or specifics of her growing up reading, if that makes sense. I guess I was just looking for the story in this ode to stories. But that is also more a me thing than anything else, I’m not often someone who reads books without stories!

Given that it’s so short and sweet, there’s no reason for book lovers not to give it a read. I know I’m definitely going to be following the author now, in hopes of seeing more!

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