2018 – 18 Moments

Look… if I learnt anything in 2018, it’s that I’m not perfect, and I absolutely should not try to be. That way nothing good lies, and all. So it’s only natural that this post is written 31 days in 2019…

I very much enjoyed 2018. Like a lot. It was a year of figuring out what really mattered to me, and starting habits that actually work for me. (Or at least, attempting to…) So I’m gonna keep up a habit that I started last year, writing a post to look back on the positives of the year ❤

1. I finally got my skin in order! (Or at least, on the way to in order) This may not be as exciting for anyone else, but it’s not surprise to those who know me that I’ve been struggling with my skin for awhile. It feels so good to finally have the sort of skin where I can proudly leave the house foundation/concealer free

2. I took a crochet class! This class was run in Brunswick St by the loveliest lady. Between the vintage patterns, the music on a record player (!!), and the street art… I was hooked (haha get it?)

3. I celebrated 22 with a high tea! It’s no surprise to hear that I adore tea and tea parties (look, what’s not to love?). I went to the cutest little place — Jam & Cream — and was absolutely enamoured by their vintage design and the best!! desserts!

4. I saw Ed Sheeran in concert! This one I have my sister to thank for! His voice was honestly incredible in person, and even though I keep mispronouncing his name, I really loved it.

5. I bought myself a Switch. Okay this one may sound weird to include on a top 18… but it was the first big purchase I’d made with my own money, and it let me play Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild which has easily become one of my favourite games of all time….

6. I went to the circus! I took my little brother along to the Circus Oz, and I’m honestly not sure what I enjoyed more — the way the performers moved in the air, like they were just playing up there, or the expression on my brother’s face when he watched them.

7. Actually just adventures with my little brother in general! He loves a good bubble tea as much as I do, and I really enjoyed the chances we had in 2018 to hang out just the two of us.

8. I saw a magician perform at the Melba? This one I have a very extroverted street magician and my friends to thank for. Honestly, it’s not something I think I would have gone to had they not been drawn in by his tricks and bought me a ticket. I ended up having so much fun at the show? The magician had such a knack for story telling, and I’m such a sucker for a good atmosphere…

9. My sister and I went to MOMA! Again…. not something I’m sure I would have done without her, but once I was there I low key fell in love with art museums. I felt simultaneously inspired and so utterly uncreative… but seeing art I’ve only ever seen in books before in person was wicked.

10. The Alice in Wonderland exhibition at ACMI. It was only natural that my sister and I would end up here. Though I honestly ADORED everything (everything) at the exhibition, the virtual reality tea party with the wicked light/video show felt pretty close to magic.

11. Day 6 came to Melbourne! I’ve low key adored Day 6 since their debut, so having the chance to see them in concert was incredible! There’s something just so brilliant about seeing music live, I always leave feeling so inspired!

12. I saw The Rose live! Like Day 6, I’d been following The Rose since their debut. Woosung/Sammy’s voice was honestly surreal live. I’m still in awe. I still haven’t stopped replaying their songs since the concert.

13. I had my best year at uni yet! I think I’m finally getting the hang of it? I even had a relaxed exam period this year… Add in some really wonderful feedback from TAs, and some excellent group projects (I know!) and it really makes for a winner of a year.

14. My little sister graduated!! I could not be more proud of her, and I had so much fun celebrating her at her graduation dinner. (Also embarrassing her dancing in front of her friends… ;9)

15. This was a year of cooking for me! I finally stopped wishing and started trying recipes. I made pizza from scratch, and experimented with new dishes and ingredients. It definitely helped that our veggie garden is actually a proper little thing now!

16. Ash turned 1! This may make me sound like a crazy cat lady, but I love this silly little cat so much. He’s such a sweetheart that my brother an I threw him a birthday party. (Okay it was an excuse for us to eat cake but shh)

17. I finished 55 books! I’m proud that I managed to make time for reading, even at the height of exams. I read so many good books in 2018, I honestly reinvented the list of my all time favourites.

18. I finished projects! I made a video for 2018 for my family, and my siblings and I recreated a bunch of baby photos for my mum’s birthday. That one was a struggle, but definitely worth it.

These lists make me happy to write. I’d honestly recommend that everyone write one, even if they’re not as rambly as mine. I’m hopeful for 2019! I hope you are too c:

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