I’m Aimee Ferguson, a 21-year-old Aussie writer studying biomedicine/psychology (and all the genetics I can fit in) at Monash University in Melbourne. I’ve lived all over the place and I drink far too much tea. When I’m not procrastinating, I’m working on my manuscript, DELTA, and sometimes I remember to post in my blog.

I’ve got a website over at aimeefergusonwrites.weebly.com that I’ve had going for a little while longer than this blog, so it’s got a bit more information if you want to check that out. I’ve been writing reviews for aaaages, but only really on goodreads and occasionally for Wordfest… and I’ve realised that they really do deserve a blog of their own. I’m going to try and post regularly, but I have a bit of a habit of procrastinating…. and then reviewing all at once, so please be patient with me ❤



I would absolutely love to accept Young Adult fiction books for review if you have any to send to me! I read widely across the genre, but I have a particular love of science fiction and fantasy, and they will almost always make it to the top of my pile…

I currently accept both ARCs and finished books from all publishers in both ebook and physical book forms. At this stage, I can review self published books if I receive a finished physical copy. I’m active on Netgalley (under the user name aimeefergwrites).

I will try and get reviews finished and up on the website and goodreads within 2-3 weeks of receiving a book. This is dependant, of course, on uni schedules, but I will try to let you know of any possible delays should this happen. I rate from 1-5 (with lots of point fives in between), and rarely fail to finish a book once I start.

If you have any questions, or are interested in asking me to review please contact me at aimee_ferg@yahoo.com.au, or through twitter (@aimeefergwrites)

Thank you in advance for thinking of me!